Should I Get a Car Loan Through a Dealership?

    • Are you planning on buying a new car? Are you looking for a way to finance the deal? You have several options to consider when choosing a financier for your car loan.

      Most car dealerships offer you a loan as well when you approach them to buy a car. Getting a car loan from the dealer can appear like a quick, convenient option. But before you decide to go down that road, it might help to explore the other options available.

      The two other most common options you can consider are getting a car loan from your bank and getting a line of credit from a finance company. When compared to getting a loan from a car dealership, each of these options has its pros and cons, but you might be able to find the one that works best for you. Let us take a closer look at each of these three options so that you can decide for yourself which one to choose.

      Ways To Get A Car Loan

      Car dealership:

      The obvious advantage of getting a car loan from the dealership, as mentioned earlier, is that it is quick. The car dealership becomes your one stop shop for your loan and your car. Dealerships have made the process so convenient that many people choose to take it without taking too close a look or considering any other options. It has become as simple as walking into a car dealership, getting the paperwork done and driving off in your new car.

      But here’s what everyone should know before they choose a car dealership loan- the interest rates usually tend to be higher than other lending agencies. Even if offers are made for the first few months to be interest-free, the remaining months of the life of the loan have a much higher interest rate. Some car dealerships offer car loans with a decreasing interest rate. But these loans have a very high interest rate, to begin with.

      If you don’t mind the added expenses stretched out over time, then this type of loan might be good for you. The fast and hassle-free process will get you your dream car in a matter of hours. However, it is wise to be wary of being sold add-ons that are seemingly at a discount, but what you don’t need at all.

      Bank loan:

      A bank loan seems like a more reliable option than a car dealership loan. The interest rates tend to be fixed, and the bank is not trying to sell you add-ons for your car. The big con for a bank loan, however, is that it can take time. You might need to wait just to get your appointment with the bank and then wait again to get the loan sanctioned.

      You will also need to have all your paperwork in order and have a good credit score for the best interest rate. If you do have everything in order and time is not an issue, then a bank loan is always a good idea.

      Line of credit:

      The third option seems to take the best of both worlds. A line of credit is offered by financing companies and has a fixed interest rate and is quick to obtain. What’s more, is that you can now get a line of credit online from companies like &Solved. Getting a line of credit online is as quick and hassle-free as a car dealership loan, but more transparent and stable like a bank loan.

      What you do need to look out for in a line of credit, however, is the amount that you can get. Line of credit amounts are usually lower than that of a loan, but if it covers your cost, then it is a good option. Do your research and be a bit cautious about the company you choose, and all should go well.

      Choosing &Solved

       &Solved is an established online line of credit financing company with a good number of satisfied customers. Our application process is fast, our rates are competitive, and there are no hidden costs. The process is completely transparent, and all costs and charges are upfront. If you need a line of credit to buy a new car, contact us, and we can help.

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