• Fast Application

      You can apply online simply in minutes. Make sure you have your ID and income information handy. There is no Application Fee or Establishment Fee.

    • Personalised Rates

      Rates are based on your financial profile with flexible repayments to suit your budget.

    • One and Done

      One application and the Credit is immediately available and remains available, ongoing, at no cost. You only pay interest on what you actually borrow when you’re borrowing it.

    • Line of Credit – Does everything a loan does and more.

      &Solved are a boutique finance company providing an immediate long-term Line of Credit from $3,000 to $30,000, without security, which clients tailor to their exact needs.

      &Solved sets a Credit Level for each client, up to which they can borrow whatever amount they desire, whenever they want, and re-pay as quickly, or slowly, as they wish, giving them flexibility, control and certainty. If you think you will only need funds once in your lifetime – take out a loan. If you think you might need funds more than once, a Line of Credit is a better solution. You only need to apply once, and you have access to funds up to your approved credit limit.

      Eligibility Criteria

      We are committed to responsible lending practices and

      • Be 21yrs or older
      • Be an Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen
      • Be currently employed
      • Have an Equifax credit score of 510 or above. You can check your credit score here: www.getcreditscore.com.au

      The rates and limits below are indicative only and are subject to lending and approval criteria.

      Diamond – 12.99%,  850-1200 – potential limit /level – $30,000
      Platinum – 14.99%,  790 – 849 – potential limit /level – $20,000
      Gold – 16.99%, 680 – 789 – potential limit /level – $15,000
      Silver – 18.99%, 600-679 – potential limit /level – $10,000
      Bronze – 22.99%, 510 – 599 – potential limit /level – $5,000

      &Solved is an Australian credit provider operating since 1999, lending over $80 million to privately referred clients, now offering our facilities more generally. We treat our clients with honesty and respect.

      Got an existing loan? Switch today to a Line of Credit.

      “Line of Credit – a Better Solution”

    • No application fee and zero interest for 30 days

      (Limited time only).

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