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      You can apply online simply in minutes. Make sure you have your ID and income information handy. There is no Application Fee or Establishment Fee.

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      Rates are based on your financial profile from 14.99%pa with flexible repayments to suit your budget.

    • One and Done

      One application and the Credit is immediately available and remains available, ongoing, at no cost. You only pay interest on what you actually borrow when you’re borrowing it.

    • My wife and I used a line of credit to overcome some large and unexpected bills that came in. It is also useful in case of an emergency if we haven’t entirely paid off the original amount, we can use what we have paid off or request additional funds up to our approved credit level with no extra forms so it can be approved and paid straight away.


    • Calculator

      The minimum repayment is 3% of the outstanding balance, but we’ve created this tool so you can see how much would need to be paid each month, to repay the funds within terms of 1-5 years.

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    • An Honest Solution

      &Solved provides an immediate long-term Line of Credit from $2,000 to $20,000, without security, which clients tailor to their exact needs. Interest is from 14.99% per annum.

      &Solved sets a Credit Level for each client, up to which they can borrow whatever amount they desire, whenever they want, and re-pay as quickly, or slowly, as they wish, giving them flexibility, control and certainty.

      &Solved is an Australian credit provider operating since 1999, lending over $80 million to privately referred clients, now offering our facilities more generally.

      We treat our clients with honesty and respect.

      Got an existing loan? Switch today to a Line of Credit.

      “Line of Credit – a Better Solution”