• Line of credit A Better Way To Borrow

      One application and your credit remains available for when you need it most.

      You can borrow $3,000 – $30,000 based on your credit profile. Easy repayments from 3% per month – $30 for every $1,000 borrowed.

      What is a line of credit?

    • Fast Application

      You can apply online simply in minutes. Make sure you have your ID and income information handy. There is no Application Fee or Establishment Fee.

    • Personalised Rates

      Be rewarded as a responsible borrower with rates based on your financial

    • One and Done

      One Application and the Credit remains available ongoing, at no cost. You only
      pay interest on what you actually borrow when you’re borrowing it

    • Line of Credit – Does everything a loan does and more.

      &Solved are a boutique finance company providing a long-term Line of Credit from $3,000 to $30,000, without security, which clients tailor to their exact needs.

      &Solved sets a Credit Level for each client, up to which they can borrow whatever amount they desire, whenever they want, and re-pay as quickly, or slowly, as they wish, giving them flexibility, control and certainty. If you think you will only need funds once in your lifetime – take out a loan. If you think you might need funds more than once, a Line of Credit is a better solution. Be ready for anything and access credit when you need it. You can use a Line of Credit for just about anything – think bucket list holiday, home renovations or even a new car. Best of all, you only pay interest on the amount you’ve borrowed, not your entire credit limit.


    • Home Renovations Mike & Jane

      Mike and Jane chose to borrow up to their full Credit Limit immediately for their home renovations and are repaying from 3% a month. So, for every $1,000 they borrowed, they repay $30 a month. They can pay more at any time and save interest.

    • Wedding Planning Sammy & Nick

      Sammy and Nick applied for a Line of Credit for their wedding. They borrowed part of the funds available to them to start paying for their deposits. Sammy & Nick have the rest of the approved funds there ready for when they need it and only pay interest on what they have borrowed. What they repay can be re-borrowed later if required.

    • Safety Buffer Ben

      Ben applied for a Line of Credit to keep the Credit available as a financial ‘safety buffer’ – there is no charge for this, no application fee, no establishment fee, no interest.

    • &Solved is an Australian credit provider operating since 1999, lending over $80 million to privately referred clients, now offering our facilities more generally. We treat our clients with honesty and respect.

      Got an existing loan? Switch today to a Line of Credit.

      “Line of Credit – a Better Solution”

    • No application fee and zero interest for 30 days

      (Limited time only).

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